Discover the mysteries  of grape and winemaking as a complete sensory experience.

The experience

The route of wine opens the doors of its wineries and Uruguayan vineyards to the world, with the help of the protagonists of the activity, bearers of the vocation and the family commitment of each winery, to share the mysteries of the grape and the elaboration of wine as a complete sensory experience.

The Wineries

The Route of Wine works promoting  wine tourism as a segment that offers an experiential and sensorial visit. Our goal is to offer the visitor an added value transmitting the history, culture and the mysteries of wine, a beverage that represents the Uruguayan culture.


Uruguay has some characteristics which distinguish theirwines from the global wine production: its geographical location in privileged latitude facing the sea, and the history of its people, mainly immigrants from the Mediterranean Europe with winemaking tradition. In a picturesque region of short distances it is possible to get to know the rich diversity that appears on this land.