The experience

Welcome to a new experience, welcome to the family wineries of Uruguay!

Visiting family wineries of Uruguay will be a great experience, walking in the vineyards and discover the Tannat variety will enrich your life with unforgettable stories. Discovering Uruguay’s gastronomy and wines is the best way to get to know about Uruguayan people’s culture and traditions.

You can taste different types of wines, from fruity young wines to the most intense red wines; where the most outstanding variety is Tannat. Ideal to accompany roast meat dishes. The wineries offer different options, from guided tours through the vineyard and winery revealing the most intimate details about the elaboration of this noble beverage, to lunches paired with different wines and cultural fairs where artists meet with wine forming a different couple, that you will love! And finally, our classic festivals of “La Vendimia” (“The Harvest”) , “Cordero y el Tannat” (“Tannat and lamb”), “La Noche de San Juan” (The night of San Juan”), el Festival de la Poda” (“the Prune Festival”) and the International Day of Wine Tourism.



Different landscapes will accompany you throughout the tour of the wineries of Uruguay in a temperate climate that will allow you to do tourism all the year. In winter time you will see the pruned vineyards, resting for the spring when the green shoots grow, blooming in summer and giving the most awaited fruit for the next harvest. During the summer you can see how the clusters of Tannat mature on the plants, changing the original green color to the violet red that characterizes this variety. In the autumn you can participate in the harvest and finish with the work of a whole year, tasting the musts and wines of the new harvest.

¡Don’t wait anymore! ¡Live the experience now!