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Winery De Lucca

This is one of the oldest wineries in the country founded in 1945; a boutique family winery with a wine tradition dating back to the 19th century in Piedmont, Italy. All visits are guided by the members of the family, which include touring the winery and tasting their wines.

Winery Artesana

We invite you to visit the region of “Las Brujas”, its vineyard and Artesana’s Winery.

Pizzorno Family Estates

We invite you to live a unique experience, in a natural environment touring our vineyards and tasting the best selection of artisanal wines and tapas. Be accompanied by a member of our family.

Familia Dardanelli

A few minutes from the center of Montevideo, you will discover our fantastic and unique winery, enjoy the nature and live our family passion and history. We are pleased to invite you to know one of the biggest winery in our country and taste the best selection of our wines.

Winery Spinoglio

We invite you to discover our "Land of wines" where you can enjoy with all your senses our place and take a guided tour to the vineyard, winery, wine cellar, our wine boutique and also taste the new wine line "Tierra Alta "

Establecimiento Juanicó

Just 30 minutes from the center of Montevideo, history, nature, and the art of winemaking combine to offer you a unique experience. DiscovereJuanico Establishment, the main Uruguayan winery, where the recognised brand “Don Pascual”.

Vineyard Viña Edén

On the stony hills of Pueblo Eden are our vineyards, the mineral character of their soils and the oceanic influence, produce ideal conditions for the creation of wines of unique style.

Winery Bouza

A place where nature and human arts and crafs blend, allowing us to indulge in a perfect place, specially designed for the enjoyment and delight of our senses.  Only 15 minutes from Montevideo harbour.

Winery Castillo Viejo

We are a family business founded in 1927 located on Route 68 KM 24, 20 minutes from downtown Montevideo. We want our guests to enjoy this unique experience ofknowing more about our family history, how wines are made, every step of the winemaking process and learn how to taste them.

Winery Cerro Chapeu (Rivera)

The main house, surrounded by a large outdoor terrace with views to the vineyards,welcome guests into an ideal setting for our wines tastings. It´s a perfect place to enjoy the tranquility of the countryside, the vineyards, the wineryand a great wine with friends.

Winery H Stagnari

One of the most traditional family wineries in our country since 1928, Which offers a walk discovering the history of Uruguayan winemaking from its roots, where you can discover a unique terroir surrounded by vineyards and a great natural environment. Our distinctive winery along with the warm and personalized welcome that we provide will leave a memorable imprint of this unique experience with us.

Experience Garzón

We invite you to discover our winery in Garzón, very close to Punta del Este, among vineyards, olive trees and hills in a natural landscape located only a few kilometers from the Uruguayan coast.

Viñedo de los Vientos

In this Winery you can enjoy visits and different kinds of tastings in its WINERY KITCHEN, where gastronomy is combined with a natural and relaxing atmosphere.

Winery Chiappella

Behind our wines is our family, the Chiappella’s Family and our history in Uruguay where all its members participate in the management of the company, from the work in the vineyard to the final customer.

Alto de la Ballena

Alto de la Ballena offers an intimate visit and wine tasting at the top of the estate, while enjoying an astonishing landscape with great views of the nearby lake and surrounding hills. 25 minutes drive from Punta del Este and 40 from José Ignacio.

Viña Varela Zarranz

The Varela Zarranz family invites you to their home, to enjoy together the experience of wine, in one of the oldest and most beautiful wine establishments in Uruguay.

Antigua Bodega Stagnari

One of the most traditional family wineries in our country since 1928, offering a walking tour discovering the history of the Uruguayan wine from their roots, where you will discover a unique terroir surrounded by vineyards and a large natural environment. Our distinctive winery together the warm and personalized welcome will leave you a memorable imprint of this unique experience with us. We are only  20 minutes distance from the Montevideo port.

Winery Marichal


Visit our 4th generation winery, cradle of our Marichal family wines. An example of the Uruguayan viticulture with international projection. The experience connect all the senses, land, vines, history the flavors and the aromas are in the winery soul.

Casa Grande

Located just 10 minutes from the International Airport, is Casa Grande. A family winery where the Italian tradition and the warmth of home can be sensed from the initial approach.

Winery Familia Moizo

Familiar and artisanal winery founded in 1954 with an Italian origin. Get to know the personality of our wines guided by the winemakers of the Moizos family. Visit our vineyards, the old quarter of the winery and enjoy the gastronomy “fatto in casa”.


Carrau Winery

Get to know more than 265 years of a family’s winemaking tradition. Located in Montevideo and at only 17 km from downtown, Bodegas Carrau is a perfect option for those visiting the city of Montevideo. Visit our ancient cellar and learn about different production methods. Taste our variety of wines in the beautiful surrounding of our colonial house, park and vineyard. Discover our special wine cellar with a collection of old vintages offered exclusively to our visitors.